Paul Morgan always brings a keen insight and a sense of creativity to every project. By applying a high-level strategic approach to every aspect of his work, as well as thinking outside traditional industry parameters, Paul is able to capitalise on opportunities that others struggle to identify.

Nicole Bechaz, CEO, Emeritus Research

The average attention span for a page of web content is just 8 seconds . . . If you haven't really caught the reader's interest by then, you've lost them.

Think how many messages, emails, social media posts, enewsletters, and other distractions you receive in the course of a day. our audience is in the same position, receiving a constant blizzard of information. How do you give your message the best chance of cutting through?

 Analytics and social media tools are important accessories for segmenting, targeting, and timing of content distribution, but they are only as effective as the quality of the content they are delivering. More important still is to have high-value content that's designed and written in a way that's genuinely engaging, imaginative, and creative way that keeps the audience reading beyond that 8 second mark – that gets them engaged and more likely to respond and act when they've finished reading.


As well as being an expert in written content, Paul Morgan is experienced in design and production of web-based services, video, podcasts, and printed material including magazines, books, and promotional materials.

He has high-level expertise in use of Adobe Creative Suite to produce print and web resources.

Paul founded publishing company, Domain Press, widely-praised for the originality and quality of its design. He is also a published novelist, reviewer, and short story-writer.