Paul Morgan's experience and skill manifest itself in a minimalist approach to all matters, be it a conversation on strategy of the production of exquisitely economical text. His passion . . . expressed itself in an insistence on depth, a focus on service outcomes, and quality execution of communication detail.

Faruk Avdi, Head of Service Design, Volt Bank

 However good your web and social media delivery systems, they all depend on good quality content. Content that users value. Content that changes how they see the world. Content that motivates them to make better, more informed decisions.

There is no single, right way to write content. The audience, the purpose, the medium – all affect how it is created. Content should aim for a place where one word too many would be excessive, one word less would be insufficient – there is a 'sweet spot' in-between where just the right words, and the right number of words, achieve maximum effect.

Images and video play a critical role to complement wording, but mustn't blur the message or distract from it. Good, well-written content doesn't shout. It doesn't bore or take the user for granted. It moves people. It engages. It motivates them to make changes in their life.


Paul Morgan has been writing high quality, effective content for over 20 years. Many of these resources have been translated and used overseas, as well as winning numerous awards in Australia.

'Words are the nearest thing we have to magic,' says Paul. 'With the right words, we can actually change how people see the world, and inspire them to make decisions to improve it.'